These are our services – specifically!

Your own HR department in Denmark

Why not re-think HR to achieve significant savings while obtaining your own, custom-made HR solution?


HR Department can help you.


We have created a concept for companies to share an experienced HR Manager and back office function. In practice that means you get your own – external – HR Department to help you with HR practices.


We contribute with professional HR and offer a variety of services, including: Stand-by for HR questions, HR policies and guidelines, Performance Management, Training & Development, Recruitment & Retention, legally required practices as well as advice on Compensation & Benefits.


We help by removing the administrative burden to give you time for business and help management make it easier for employees to create great results.

You can call us for help when you need to – this service is for management and employees. You will get advice, guidance and specific knowledge about:

  • Employment law, Holiday Act, etc.

  • Warnings – how does that work in Denmark and can I avoid giving a warning?

  • Dismissal of an employee – what can I do and what can’t I do?

  • Development of employees – how can I make sure I use my employees to their full potential?

We help you establish and update your handbooks, policies and guidelines so they support your company strategy. We are available for advice on internal processes.

We ensure you have established and fulfill the legal requirements for a Safety Committee and that you carry out Work Place Surveys.

Proactive follow-up to ensure your company meets deadlines defined by law.

It can be difficult to know what salary to pay a given employee. We advise and help find an appropriate level that matches your company. We put in a lot of effort to get to know your segment, so we can help you determine the right level of compensation and benefits to secure retention of employees.

We review your current employee practice and help with adjustments and optimization to align with company strategy. If you do not already have a performance management practice, we will help define and establish one with you.

We are stand-by for advice and support (and possible participation) in difficult performance management conversations with employees as well as for dismissals, warnings, etc.

We have close dialogue with management before advising on specific training and development of employees to support your business.

When you need to recruit new employees, we are happy to represent the company at interviews (we do not recruit, but work with expert partners who do). When the right candidate is found, we will prepare the employment contract and help define the introduction program. Retention is important for any company. We help you to recognize the employees you need to retain for the future success of your business.

In addition to complying with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we help ensure you comply with local statutory legal requirements. We review Company practices and guidelines.

In some cases, it will be necessary to make a separate agreement about project work.

For example:

  • Development of company strategy

  • Management development

  • Coaching

  • Large recruitment assignments

  • And much more

We will never start a project unless agreed in advance.

HR must support business strategy

This is how you get startet!

Call us…

We want to get to know your company. Therefore, we will take time to understand what drives your business and what your specific focus areas are. That way, we can custom-make your HR Department to match your company needs.

1. Enter agreement for Outsourcing of HR and GDPR Data Agreement

2. We visit you and your company to meet you and to get to know you

3. We listen to your needs and review your current HR initiatives

4. We make a plan for how to custom-make your specific HR Department

We are available immediately from entering into an agreement with us and we will have a plan ready for you within one month.